What is AlphaGravity?

AlphaGravity is a training complex consisting of muscles that are obtained using special suspension cables. They drop up to 700 kg and allow free movement on weight in three-dimensional space, stretching the body is of particular importance. The system is based on the use of games.

AlphaGravity combines the best of yoga, fitness and martial arts, has a synergistic effect, thanks to the best elements in one system. It develops strength, endurance, flexibility and teaches you to control your body. During training, the spine is gently stretched, blood circulation and stress are improved, including due to unusual growth.

Despite the apparent performance, fitness corresponds to any level. So gradually, kindergartens on the mat and at a low height are included in the process. For the advanced AlphaGravity it will be useful as a stretch and release of tension after a level of intense states.

In overweight people, alphagravity training is a great way to lengthen into increased activity. The fact is that thanks to the tape it is convenient to control the load. Squats, push-ups and planks increase many times easier with support. Plus, it takes pressure off your joints.

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