Step 4. #AKT_training: is it possible to train with muscle pain and how to do it right?

1. Why do muscles start to hurt after a workout?

Usually, post-workout pain does not appear immediately, 12-24 hours after exercise. This is a small inflammatory process in the muscles involved, this is how the body adapts to the load or to a new type of exercise. As a rule, the pain disappears on its own in 1-2 days.

2. How to reduce muscle pain now?

  • Take a contrast shower.
  • Warm up in the bath.
  • Do not forget about a balanced diet, while focusing on proteins.
  • Make sure you get 8 hours of quality sleep.

3. How to avoid muscle pain after the following workouts?

  • Pay attention to the warm-up, include 10-15 minutes of aerobic exercise at the beginning of the workout.
  • Do a good hitch after your workout.
  • Don’t take long breaks between workouts.

4. Go to the next workout with sore muscles or skip?

We see no reason to skip a workout – subsequent training will help reduce the inflammatory process in the muscles by increasing blood flow in them during muscle work.

But if a temperature above 37.5 ° C has also been added to post-workout muscle pain, avoid exercise and monitor your condition.

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