Step 4 #AKT_brain: how to develop discipline in yourself

1. “I’ll get up at 6 am.”

It’s hard if you don’t wake up before 9. Start real, set your alarm for 8:55. Push it back 5 minutes every day. After a month, waking up early will become natural for you.

2. “I will run in the morning.”

Start with a walk at this time. Then switch to jogging, while still in easy mode: every other day and for 10-15 minutes. Increase the duration and frequency over time.

3. “I’ll work out another day.”

Here psychologists advise two methods:

1) Try to imagine “delayed gratification” – the pleasurable consequences that you will get from training. A surge of energy, muscle tone, good health.

2) In contrast, imagine all the negative consequences of skipping workouts in all colors.

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