What is AKT? Our mission

Mission of The AKT

The AKT brand is act (action), action (action), active (activity), act (documentary evidence of completed work). AKT is movement, striving for progress, adaptability. We have laid out our philosophy in a number of principles:

  • Availability. We are always there, offline and online.
  • Efficiency. We offer only proven methods and knowledge.
  • Honesty. We want to earn your trust.
  • Care. Your growth is our goal, your success is our goal.
  • Transparency. Entrance to our club gives access to all services, no hidden services.
  • Awareness. A clear vision of goals determines the result.

We create programs for the development of the body and brain and implement them in four dimensions:

  • In the social. networks, we publish original materials that are verified by our experts: coaches and sports physiologists. We give theoretical and practical information about the training process, about sports and general physiology, as well as about the functioning of the brain.
  • In our center, each of the online headings is reflected offline. After a workout, you can enjoy a full-fledged healthy cuisine, relax in the chill-out zone, visit an exhibition of multimedia works by our artists, you can even do VR meditations.
  • We plan to organize regular free educational sessions, where expert biologists, psychologists, doctors and experienced cultural figures will give lectures, answering questions about the integral – physical, intellectual and aesthetic – development.

Functional training

This is a system of physical activity that uses natural movements from everyday life. Every day we climb stairs, walk from home to work and run when we are late, we crouch to tie our shoelaces, we balance on the curb when we walk around puddles, sometimes jumping over them, and we also keep our balance while walking on an icy road.

These actions, while commonplace, are biomechanically complex, multi-joint, and require us to be flexible, functionally strong, and coordinated. They involve muscle groups in the complex, including the deepest – the muscles-stabilizers. The study of deep muscles is the starting point for the functional development of the body, in contrast to traditional strength training, where all loads are isolated, which does not happen in everyday life.

The purpose of such training is to increase the functional capabilities of the body, improve physical fitness, improve health and active longevity.

Functional training helps:

  • Helps to develop all physical qualities: strength, speed of reactions, accuracy, speed, endurance, flexibility, coordination of movements.
  • Helps to train the musculoskeletal system, respiratory and cardiovascular systems in a balanced way. Provide a general healing effect on the entire body.
  • Helps improve appearance by reshaping the body composition, making it more toned and attractive. A faster metabolism allows you to burn more calories at rest.
  • Helps to pump the central nervous system, therefore, increase productivity, productivity and personal efficiency.
  • Helps to start a healthy and active lifestyle and get rid of bad habits.
  • Helps to be prepared for the challenges that are found everywhere and quickly adapt to changing environmental conditions.

Functional training

  • Equally effective for any level of preparedness, suitable for people of all ages, from teenagers to the elderly, both men and women.
  • They are safe, because they always take place under the guidance of a trainer and do not use simulators that simulate an unnatural position of the torso.
  • Do not lead to muscle hypertrophy and do not speculate on the “cult of the body”, you will not become “pumped”.
  • Free from marketing myths and misconceptions, no dubious drugs.
  • Cost-effective. A subscription to all services in our center is more cost-effective on an annual basis than regular classes with a trainer in traditional fitness clubs.
  • It is not time consuming, because it does not require many hours of training. We recommend doing 1 hour session 2-3 times a week.

Training in AKT-spaces are held in four areas

  • CrossFit is a system of general physical training based on alternating, basic movements performed at high intensity. CrossFit has absorbed all the best from various sports disciplines, becoming a universal functional development program.
  • Alpha Gravity is a training complex consisting of exercises that are performed using specific suspension cables that allow you to freely move on weight in three-dimensional space, stretching the body with your own weight. This system is based on the use of gravity. Alpha gravity improves blood circulation, stimulates the central nervous system, rejuvenates the body, relieves mental and emotional stress.
  • Weightlifting
  • Gymnastics

Balanced diet

This is a physiologically complete and high-quality nutrition. A well-composed diet increases the body’s ability to resist negative environmental factors, contributes to maintaining health, active longevity, resistance to fatigue and high performance. The principles of rational nutrition are energy balance, the timing of food intake and the balance of microelements.

Brain fitness

We know that the functioning of the whole organism is aimed at meeting the energy needs of the brain, the transport of oxygen and nutrients ensures the continuous operation of the central nervous system, and this is the key to our life.

The more efficient the body, the more productive the brain, and we are more productive. This is obvious, but how often do we use this information? For example, when we reproach ourselves for low performance and fatigue, for the inability to maneuver in the flow of information and cope with multifunctionality, for poor memory, concentration and mood, for emotional instability, low stress resistance and self-esteem. One thing is clear – we want to take from life as much as possible.

To stay fit, the brain, like the body, requires exercise. Brain fitness is a set of exercises aimed at developing memory, attention, speed

thinking, data processing and decision making, speech flexibility and learning skills. The ability to manage stress and a stable emotional background help to better assimilate new information, to ensure the prevention of diseases of the nervous system.

We intend to develop this direction by exploring the fields of neuropsychology and cognitive sciences. Perhaps, in the very near future, the development of digital biometrics technologies will allow us to create a portable device and a software module that can determine our current psychophysiological state with high accuracy, and the assembled tools to quickly correct it.

We want to make the most of life


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