Step 4. #AKT_food: what foods should be eliminated from the diet at first

We exclude:

• Refined sugar and everything that contains it;
• Baking from white flour;
• Sausages and semi-finished meat products;
• Sweet sodas and juices;
• Mayonnaise and ready-made sauces;
• Nicotine.


• They do not benefit the body.
• They are high in calories, which are stored as fat.
• There is no saturation from them, hunger comes faster.
• Nicotine contributes to the development of atherosclerosis of blood vessels, leads to strokes and heart disease, contributes to the formation of blood clots, has a carcinogenic effect.


• Alcohol


• Alcohol increases the risk of stroke by 10-15%.
• Such drinks excite the feeling of hunger.
• They remove self-control, which can lead to breakdowns.
• Alcohol impairs metabolism.

We stop:

• Fry in oil.


• Cook;
• Cook for a couple;
• Extinguish;
• Bake.


• Fried foods increase cholesterol levels, and this leads to problems with the heart and blood vessels.
• Such foods are very high in calories. As a result, excess weight and the risk of diabetes.
• If you completely exclude heat treatment, for example, vegetables, then they will retain extremely useful fiber.

Replacing simple carbohydrates:

• Sweets with added sugar;
• Baking from white flour.

For complex ones:

• cereals and brown rice;
• durum wheat pasta;
• whole grain or rye bread;
• vegetables and legumes;
• fruits and dried fruits in moderation.


• Complex carbohydrates give long-term saturation.
• Simple carbohydrates contain a large amount of glucose, fructose, galactose, sucrose and maltose, with an excess of which, a person gains excess body weight.

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