Step 1. #AKT_food: healthy eating

Do not make a cult out of food, treat it like a fuel that maintains energy and vitality. We don’t live to eat, we eat to live.

Rational nutrition is the basis. It provides:

  • maintaining health;
  • the constancy of the internal environment of the body, its growth and development;
  • resistance to harmful environmental factors;
  • high physical and mental performance;
  • active longevity.

Variety and moderation are the main principles of rational nutrition.

This means: On the one hand, the balance of components: the body needs about 90 substances (micro- and macronutrients) every day. On the other hand, the balance of energy: the daily caloric intake of food should correspond to its energy costs.

The first step to proper nutrition is the formation of proper habits. Start removing sugar from your diet. For example, do not put it in porridge, cottage cheese, coffee, tea. Choose Americano or espresso instead of cappuccino and latte.

How to form the right habits? Consistently:

  1. Start drinking coffee with a sweetener if you drank with sugar.
  2. Sometimes drink coffee without sweetener, but with dried fruit.
  3. Remove the sweetener and drink your coffee straight.

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