#AKT_brain: what is functional training?

The modern market offers many, perhaps too many, workout systems. Why do we recommend choosing functional workouts specifically and what are their advantages? Let’s explain.

Unlike traditional strength training, functional workouts affect the body comprehensively. In the former case, individual muscles or muscle groups are trained in isolation, while in the latter, the entire neuromuscular system learns to work together.

Functional workouts improve balance, posture, coordination, strength capabilities, contribute to enhancing athletic performance, and reduce the risk of injury. The body develops in a balanced manner.

Such workouts offer a wide variety. You gain the ability to run a kilometer, then immediately perform exercises with a barbell, followed by exercises on the pull-up bar.

The goal of functional workouts is to prepare you for challenges encountered everywhere. Whether it’s actively playing with children, lifting weights without consequences, climbing several flights of stairs without getting breathless, or walking 20,000 steps while traveling.

These workouts are suitable for any fitness level, whether you’re a fitness novice or a professional athlete in any sport.

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